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My White Wife Left Me For My Japanese Boss's Wife

Me and my wife Sharon were sitting across from my Japanese boss and his wife at the company picnic. It was at a local park and only the employees and their spouses were there. My wife was younger than me. I am 38 and she was 22. She has sandy, blonde hair and olive skin. Short at about 5'6". She has the most beautiful smile with 2 front teeth that sit on her bottom lip. A slight buck tooth look that made her look a little naive.

My boss, Mr Tokomoto and his wife seemed upset. They were both from Tokyo and not used to the small town atmosphere here in small town USA. I asked how he liked it here in the US.

My Tokomoto explained the only way him and his wife were able to have sex was to see her have lesbian sex. In Japan, The only way he could get an erection was to take his wife to the local massage parlor and see her eat pussy.

My wife said to him "that is so sad, let me see if I can help". She took Mr and Mrs Tokomoto by the hand to our van. She opened the hatch and told Mrs. Tokomoto to sit in the very back. She told Mr Tokomoto to sit in the second set of seats.

My wife got in and closed the passenger hatch. Everybody at the party noticed and started whispering to each other. My wife sat next to Mrs Tokomoto in the very back seat. My wife was wearing a light blue sun dress and Mrs Tokomoto was wearing a yellow sun dress.

She said to Mrs Tokomoto, "we are gonna put on a show for your husband". My wife leaned in and started making out with Mrs. Tokomoto. They kissed for a full minute and my wife put her tongue in Mrs Tokomoto's mouth. It was a dirty sloppy kiss. The kind that Mr Tokomoto liked.

Sharon ran her hand up Mrs. Tokomoto's dress as they kissed. Moving her hand closer and closer to Mrs. Tokomoto's pussy. She felt Mrs. Tokomoto's full bush. Sharon s/topped kissing and pulled Mrs. Tokomoto's panties down.

Sharon pulled her own dress up over her head. I regret it now, telling her not to wear anything under her dress. There she was completely naked in front of Mr and Mrs. Tokomoto. They both just stared at her. My wife had a curvy body and a shaved pussy, something that Mr Tokomoto was not used to seeing in Japan. Sharon straddled Mrs. Tokomoto and started grinding her pussy on Mrs Tokomoto.

Sharon pulled up Mrs Tokomoto's dress to expose her thick,black bush. Sharon put her pussy against Mrs. Tokomoto's clit. Saron could feel Mrs. Tokomoto's coarse cunt hairs against her hairless pussy. Sharon looked back and saw Mr. Tokomoto staring.

Sharon leaned over the seat with her ass up in the air. Letting Mr and Mrs Tokomoto see her pussy lips. Mrs Tokomoto immediatley started licking up her left leg up to her pussy. Sharon could tell that Mrs Tokomoto was experienced at eating pussy.

Sharon started moaning as soon as she felt Mrs Tokomoto's tongue on her pussy. Mrs Tokomoto violently ate my wife's pussy. Mrs Tokomoto went deep into her pussy with her tongue and her finger. While Mrs Tokomoto had her finger in my wife's pussy, Mrs Tokomoto licked her way up to my wife's asshole.

My wife couldn't contain it anymore. She started screaming as she squirted on Mrs. Tokomoto's finger. Everyone at the party was just looking at the van in the parking lot out of the corner of their eyes. When the screaming started, Everyone was staring at the van.

My wife put her dress back on. As Sharon crawled out of the van she grabbed Mr. Tokomoto's crotch. Sharon looked at Mrs. Tokomoto and laughed. "He is ready now". She stumbled back to the picnic. Everyone was looking at her. We better leave after your boss and his wife finish.

1 Year Later - Then Next Annual Picnic.

I am sitting at the picnic table across from Mr Tokomoto and his wife. My ex-wife is sitting in Mrs. Tokomoto's lap. My wife is wearing her hair in pigtails and wearing a schoolgirl outfit. As Mr Tokomoto is telling me how well I am doing at work, Mrs Tokomoto takes a hotdog from the table. She puts it under my Sharon's skirt. My ex-wife closes her eyes and moans. Mrs. Tokomoto pulls the hot dog from under Sharon's skirt. Mrs. Tokomoto looks at me as she takes a bite of the hot dog. Mr. Tokomoto hands me a gift. I open it when I get home. It is a professionally made portrait of Sharon and Mrs Tokomoto. They are naked and in each others arms.

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