Warning: Explicit story involving interracial lesbian sex.This is a work of fiction. Any relation to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Interracial Lesbian - White Webcam Star Does Chinese Exchange Students

Katie was a happily married suburban white woman with a husband and an eighteen year old daughter in high school. Katie has a secret though. When her husband and daughter were at school, Katie put on webcam shows at Best Free Cam Girls.

Katie's daughter went to Beijing for a year to learn about Chinese culture. In return, Katie and her husband were to let 2 eighteen years old Chinese high school senior girls stay at her house.

Chen and Li were brought to the house in the evening. Katie showed Chen and Li their room. Chen and Li thanked Katie for being a nice host and Katie left the two petite asian girls with long hair in their room.

That evening, Katie went to check on the girls. There was only a small light on next to the bed, but Katie could clearly see the girls were naked and kissing. Katie knew the girls were friend but had no idea the innocent Chinese girls were in a torrid lesbian relationship. Katie just stared for a couple of minutes. The girls turned to look at the shadow in the doorway and covered up. Chen asked "who is there? Is that your Mrs. Katie?". Katie responded "yes girls, I didn't want to bother you, go on with what you are doing". Li said "Do you want to join us Mrs. Katie". Katie laughed "maybe some other time, you girls have fun".

The next morning Katie's husband went to work and the girls were in the shower together. Katie set up her living room with the light and camera for her webcam show. Her goal was set at "MILF Threesome With 2 Asian Girls At Goal". Katie was wearing a light blue bra and yoga pants. Katie was talking with her webcam fans and flashing them for tokens.

Katie heard the shower go off in the girl's bathroom. She went to the door and the girls came out wrapped in white towels. Katie took the girls by the hands into the living room/studio. Katie smiled when she heard the sounds of tokens.

Katie stood between the girls in front of the camera. She pulled the towels off the girls at the same time. Katie said to the camera "okay guys and girls, what do you want to see?". Somebody tipped 100 tokens and said he wanted to see the girls undress Katie. Katie told Chen and Li to undress he slowly. Chen took off Katie's Bra and Li pulled down Katie's yoga pants. All three were now naked together.

Katie turned to Li and kissed her deeply. Katie pushed her tongue deep into Li's mouth and Chen watched on. Katie leaned back and said "I want to see you two kiss each other now". Chen and Li leaned in and kissed each other in front of a smiling Katie. Then Katie leaned in and stuck her tongue in the mix. All three women were now tongue kissing each other.

Katie had Li get down on her hands and knees, ass facing the camera. Then Katie had Chen lay down on top of Li. Chen's pussy on top of Li's ass. Katie licked both of the girls at the same time. Katie licked Li up her pussy to her ass up to Chen's pussy then Chen's ass. Tonguing her butt at the top.

Chen and Li started shaking. Katie started fingering Chen and Li at the same time. Chen squirted all over Li's ass. Then Li moaned and her juices dripped to the floor. Katie looked at the camera and said "hope you guys enjoyed the show. Tune in next week".

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