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The Tennis Star and the Ball Girl - Part 1

Sharon is a thin, blonde eighteen year old about 5'6" tall. Sharon always loved tennis. Sharon jumped at the chance to become a ball girl at a charity tennis match. Sharon was also hyped at meeting her tennis hero, Shania. Shania is a tall, large framed muscular black woman in her mid 30s known for her strength and aggression.

After the introductions at her first day at the job, Sharon met Vivienne. Vivienne was another ball girl. A short, curvy 20 year old white girl with dark hair and dark eyes. Vivienne told Sharon she envied Sharon for being the ball girl for Shania.

Vivienne explained to Sharon that last year she was a ball girl for Shania. After the match, Shania boldly approached Vivienne and asked her to come to the locker room with her. Vivienne followed obediently into the locker room. Shania was shaking her ass in front of Vivienne on the walk to the locker room. On entering the locker room. Shania's assistant, another 30 something black woman, was waiting. Shania turned to Vivienne and asked "are you a fan?". Vivienne answered "yes, I am your biggest fan".

Shania answered "I am a big fan of you too. I loved watching your ass move across the court". Vivienne immediately blushed at this response. Vivienne was wearing a traditional white t-shirt and a short tennis skirt. Shania said "why don't you turn around and let me see that white ass." Vivienne slowly turned around and bent over letting Shania and her assistant see her white panties.

Shania opened her right hand placing it on Vivienne's buttock, slowly rubbing. Shania ran her hand down Vivienne's crack into her right inner thigh. Moving her finger up barely touching Vivienne's pussy and pulling back. Shania did this a few times and told Vivienne to turn around so she could see her eyes.

Vivienne turned around and looked up to Shania's eyes. Vivienne looked at the assistant. Shania touched Vivienne's chin and led Vivienne's eyes back to hers. Shania whispered into Vivienne's ear "don't worry about her sugar, she's cool". Shania then places her first, small kiss on Vivienne's lips. Shania looks back into Vivienne's eyes and Vivienne flashes a small, cute smile. Shania knows it time to go a little farther.

Shania put her arms around Vivienne, leans in and puts her mouth on Vivienne's mouth. Shania puts her tongue into Vivienne's mouth where Vivienne gladly returns the tongue. Shania moves her hands down Vivienne's back, up the skirt and down the back of her panties. Shania slowly moved her finger through Vivienne's panties and into her asshole. Vivienne gasps into Shania's mouth while their tongues are still touching each other.

Shania breaks the embrace, looks at a very horny little white girl for just a few seconds. And whispers "take off all of your clothes". Vivienne pulls off her panties first, followed by her shirt, then turns around and pulls her skirt down by bending over at the waist. The assistant laughs and tells Shania "this little white girl sure knows how to put on a show for her hero".

Still dressed in her pink tennis dress, Shania embraces the naked Vivienne and tells her to smile at the camera. They both turn to the assistant and Vivienne sees the assistant taking their picture. Vivienne turns back to Shania and they resume kissing. Shania then says "now, take off my clothes". Vivienne gets on her knees and pulls Shania's pink panties down to the floor where Shania steps of them. As Vivienne gets back up she pulls Shania's dress up over her head. Vivienne throws the dress to the side.

Shania walks to the shower and lays down on the shower floor. Vivienne gets of top of Shania in a 69 position. Shania's assistant continues to take pictures of the beautiful scene of a white girl 69ing a black woman on the floor. Shania and Vivienne tongue each others pussies at the same time. Shania licks the juices dripping from Vivienne.

Vivienne gets off of Shania and lays back on top of her face to face. Vivienne smiles as she looks up at Shania's eyes. Shania feels Vivienne's pussy push against hers. Vivienne grinds her pussy into Shania as they lock lips. Shania moves her hand down to Vivienne's ass and starts fingering her asshole as the grinding gets more violent. Shania and Vivenne's bodies pulse as they both orgasm at the same time.

Shania and Vivenne get dressed. Shania tells Vivienne to tell her parents she is a lesbian. Shania tells Vivienne she wants her to be with her at a press conference tomorrow. Shania is going to tell the world she is a lesbian and she wants her white whore with her.

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