Warning: Explicit story involving interracial lesbian sex.

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My Daughter Sets Me up with Her Friend.

I went to visit our daughter Dana at her first year in Princeton. I loved getting all the pictures and talking with our daughter on the phone about college life. She loved being at Princeton and always talked about her new roommate Carol. Carol was so nice when I met her at the day of the move in. She promised she would take good care of my daughter.

Carol was a short, black senior that had alot of friends that were all black. I was concerned that our daughter would not fit in with the group. Dana was fair skinned and red-headed just like me. But Dana was always going on and on about how much she loved Carol and her friends.

I told Dana and Carol I wanted to take them out that night. Carol said she would find me a date for the night. Dana laughed and told me I needed to start playing the field since her dad left me for a younger woman. So, I agreed.

I showed up that evening in a black dress that was cut a little low. I went and knocked on the door. Dana answered. Carol and another black girl around my daughter's age were the only ones there. Carol introduced her as Tamika. She was tall and thick with long hair.

Then Dana said "mom, she is your date for tonight" I was shocked but didn't want to show it. I just said "nice to meet you Tamika". Tamika was smiling and staring me up and down the whole time. We went to the restaurant and Tamika sat in the front of the car with me and Carol and Dana sat in the back.

At the restaurant, I got Dana alone and asked what was going on. She explained how Carol and her were in love. And Carol mentioned Tamika. She was another college girl that liked older white women. I was mad at first, but decided to give it a try.

On the ride home Carol said from the back seat, "Hey, Why don't we park somewhere". Dana chimed in "yea, There is a nice place at the top of a mountain where we can see the city". I followed Dana's directions and as soon as we parked my daughter and Carol got out and said they were going for a walk.

Tamika said really sweetly. "Carol really likes your daughter". I said that I was cool with it. Tamika said to me "You know one night I had a threesome with them". I turned away and Tamika's hand was on my knee. Tamika leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. Tamika whispered in my ear "I'm gonna make you a whore like your daughter". Her hand then went up my skirt and I felt her finger go up my pussy. Both of Tamika's hands went up my skirt and pulled my panties down to my knees then to my ankles. She kissed my neck and had her hands all over my tits.

Tamika and I raced to strip off our clothes. Tamika pulled me on top of her. My pussy ground against hers as I rode her. My tongue entered her mouth as our tits and pussies rubbed together.

Tamika said she wanted me to ride her face. Tamika got into the driver's seat and put the seat all the way back. Tamika eased down and I got on top of her in a 69 position. As we licked each others' clits, Tamika reached around and put her finger in my ass.

I exploded on Tamika's face and let out a moan. After I stopped squirting, I felt the fluid run down the side of my legs.

I spent the night with Tamika in Dana and Carol's spare room. I moved into town and we all shared a house together. Where Carol and Tamika became our partners for life.

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