Warning: Explicit story involving interracial lesbian sex. This is a work of fiction. Any relation to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Basketball Groupies - Part 1

Kimmie and Christina were in their first year of college and loving it. Kimmie is a small framed redhead with green eyes. Christina is the same height and build, but with brown eyes and black hair. They both have pale, white skin.

Christina is a goth and Kimmie kind of a prep. But they both loved professional women's basketball. It was more of an obsession. Sometimes Christina would spend the night with Kimmie and they would watch women's basketball on TV all night.

Kimmie had posters of her favorite player (Tasheka) all over her room. One night, When Kimmie came out of the shower she saw Christina on her bed. Christina was completely naked and fingering herself while looking at the poster of Tasheka. Kimmie knew now that Christina liked women's basketball for the same reason she did, The powerful black women.

Kimmie dropped her towel and said "would you like some company?". Christina looked at Kimmie and smiled. Kimmie layed down next to Christina. As Christina was looking at the poster, Kimmie started talking dirty about Tasheka.

Kimmie told Christina how hot it would look to see Christina and Tasheka in a 69. Kimmie talked about how bad it would be if they were both dating the 30 year old basketball player. Kimmie talked about how Tasheka was an older woman, but they could seduce her. Christina moaned at the last sentence. Christina tensed up and proceeded to squirt all over Kimmie's bed.

Kimmie and Christina held each other. Christina whispered to Kimmie "We have to meet Tasheka". Kimmie replied "Don't worry baby, We will, and we are going to have her tongue in our pussies".

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