Warning: Explicit story involving interracial lesbian sex.

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Mission To Africa

Carolyn was a 23 year old brown-eyed brunette. Standing at about 5'8". Carolyn just graduated from nursing school at the University and decided to do some mission work in Africa.

Carolyn was sent to a small village in Kenya. She was met with open arms. A dance was performed by the people of the village. The men all wore grass skirts and the women all wore grass skirts and no tops. Carolyn was dressed in a white t-shirt and short brown shorts. Carolyn had her dark hair pulled back in ponytail.

After the meal, A woman of about 30 walked up to Carolyn and introduced herself as Abena. Abena told Carolyn that she would take her to the Chief's hut for a meeting. Abena took Carolyn by the hand to the Chief's hut where they all sat around a candle.

Abena had to translate for the chief. The Chief explained to Carolyn through Abena that it is their custom that all the women dress the same. Carolyn would also have to sleep in the women's hut. Abena would be with Carolyn and would be her bed mate. The women had to sleep in pairs to look after each other.

The Chief's 19 year old daughter brought in a grass skirt. Abena told Carolyn to put on the skirt if she wanted to stay with the tribe. Carolyn was nervous but agreed. She took off off all of her clothes in front of the Chief, his daughter and Abena. None of them turned away and they all watched Carolyn strip down and step into the grass skirt.

Carolyn was taken to the women's hut. Women were laying next to each other in pairs. Carolyn took off her skirt and laid down on the straw mat and Abena curled up behind Carolyn. A little closer then Carolyn would have expected. Carolyn could feel Abena's mound pressing against the crack in her ass.

Abena put her arm around Carolyn and slowly rubbed her arm. Running her hand down to Carolyn's side, Resting her had on Carolyn's stomach. Abena whispered in Carolyn's ear. "My friend was my bed mate before, Would you like me to touch you like I used to touch her?". Carolyn said nothing. She took Abena's hand that was on her stomach and guided it between her legs. Abena was relieved when she felt how wet Carolyn was. Abena knew they were in love.

Abena slid her finger up and down Carolyn's clit. Abena pussy rubbed against Carolyn's ass as she slid her finger deep into Carolyn's cunt. Carolyn moaned and climaxed onto Abena's finger. Caronlyn's ecstasy turned to shame when she noticed the chief's wife and her bed mate (a younger black woman) were watching her.

In the morning; Carolyn, Abena, the Chief's wife, and the Chief had a meeting. They were surrounded by the villagers. The Chief's wife spoke English and said she explained to her husband what she saw. It was in the best interest of the tribe for Abena to marry Carolyn.

Carolyn explained to everyone that she loved Abena and that she would marry her. The chief agreed. The chief explained that Carolyn would join the tribe through her love of Abena. Carolyn and Abena married that night.

Abena told Carolyn that part of their custom was they could only marry in front of all of the adults of the tribe. And as part of the ceremony they would have to 69 in front of the all of the adults of the tribe.

After the Chief declared Abena and Carolyn married, Abena took Carolyn to a table. Abena laid on her back as Carolyn climbed of top of her in a 69 position. Carolyn licked Abena's clit as Abena dove her tongue into Carolyn's pussy. Abena even put her mouth on Carolyn's ass and slid her tongue into Carolyn's pink asshole. The women in the crowd of spectators laughed. Carolyn and Abena exploded in each others' mouth and they both shook violently as they both climaxed.

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