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Becky Gets A Thai Massage

I was 22 when I got out of college and ready to explore the world. There was a job opening in Bangkok, Thailand. I knew that was the perfect place to go to begin my world travel. I would get to see the temples, people, and a different way of life.

I am about 6'2" and blonde, So I knew I was gonna stick out. My plan was to get there about a month early to get settled in and see the country.

It was nerve racking when I first got off the plane and saw all the people. I got the first cab available and the cab driver, a short older Thai man took me to my hotel. He said he would take me for a tour after I checked in and dropped off my luggage.

He told me to call him Chaa. Chaa asked "Would you like to meet my wife?". I agreed and we stopped at a local run-down building in a seedy part of town. We went inside and there were girls everywhere. The older Thai lady came and hugged Chaa.

Chaa said "Becky, This is my wife Toy". I reached out to shake her hand, but she gave me a hug instead, and her hands went down for a quick grab of my ass. "Becky so nice to meet you, I will get you a free massage".

Toy took me by the hand to a back room. "I get you best girl". She quickly left the room and pointed me out to a girl. The long haired girl walked up to me. She had to be about 18 or 19 years old. She was short and only came up breast level to me. She was wearing a bikini and looked me up and down, then straight forward at my cleavage. She had long, dark, flowing black hair.

The younger girl said "My name is Suriya, you take off clothes and get into the bath". I took off my clothes as she watched and then I sat down in the bath. Suriya came up behind me with a cloth. She rubbed my back and told me in broken English how pretty a girl I was.

Then Suriya stood and took her top off. Then she pulled down her bikini bottoms. "Do you think I am pretty too?" as she turned really slow. Then she looked me in the eyes and said to get on the table.

I stepped out of the bath and Suriya dried me off with a towel. It was an odd feeling having this petite girl rubbing me all over my curvy body. She told me to lay on my back on the table. I laid on my back and Suriya pulled her hair back into a pony tail. She pulled out a bottle of oil and poured it on my stomach. It was hot and I jumped a little at first.

"It is OK white girl, Suriya is here for you". She told me to turn over. I turned over and she took her oily hands and rubbed my back. Next, I felt her straddle my ass. I could feel her mound against my ass. I could feel her pussy was as wet and warm as mine. She bent forward and ran the tips of her nipples up and down my back. Her pussy was grinding against my ass.

She whispered in my ear "Turn over now, beautiful white girl". I was on my back now and she was staring me face to face. She was straddling my left leg now. Both of us were completely oiled up and she ran her tits up the front of my body this time. She did this for about a couple of minutes. Rubbing her nipples against mine. Making making my nipples very hard. And the motion between my legs was getting me even wetter.

Suriya started kissing my neck and whispered in my ear in Thai. I had no idea what she said, but it turned me on. She looked me in the face and started kissing me on the mouth. She started grinding harder and harder. Then a voice startled me.

It was Toy in a white towel. "Excuse me, I join now". Toy dropped the towel and walked towards us and poured some oil on her shoulder and rubbed her body with it. Toy straddled my other leg. She leaned in and kissed me. "Why you young girls get all the fun?". Then Toy and Suriya started making out in front of my face. They looked like they had been wanting to do that for some time.

They both started grinding on a different leg. I looked up at the mirror ceiling and I could see me staring back at myself. A young blonde woman with an older, thicker Thai lady and a skinny Thai girl close to my age were on top of me. I stared straight forward at the site and committed the scene to memory. Both of them were rubbing their hands all over me and each had a tit in their mouth.

Suriya moved and straddled my face this time. "I want your tongue inside me" she said. Then Toy got between my legs and licked my pussy. I could feel her tongue going deep inside my box. Suriya started to moan and move rapidly. I felt her juices run down the side of my face.

Then I heard Suriya say something to Toy. Toy raised up and they switched places. Giggling and kissing each other as they exchanged spots.

Toy ground her pussy on top of my face and Suriya moved her tongue just as deep as Toy. I grabbed Toys legs and tensed up. I squirted like never before all over Suriya face. Now, It was Toy's turn.

Toy laid down on her back and me Suriya licked her pussy together. Toy was mumbling "such nice girls". I looked up and could see Toy looking at the reflection in the mirror. Just like I was before. She was admiring the view of 2 girls bent over and going down on her at the same time.

She started crying and shaking. Toy squirted like a foutain on our faces as we both giggled. We laid on top of her and fell asleep. I knew now, what real beauty was about.

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